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The Best Way to Take Away Stretch Marks in the Shoulder

Though stretch marks can appear on the body anywhere the skin has been overly stretched, they can be especially troublesome in the shoulders. This is because they are harder to cover and tend to be visible when you wear T-shirts. Bodybuilders are especially prone to marks in this area due to a rapid expansion of muscle tissue. In any case, there are ways to get rid of stretch marks on the shoulders.

Lift moderate weights rather than heavy ones. While your initial inclination may be to lift heavy weights to bulk up as quickly as possible, doing so could cause your skin to stretch too rapidly and result in stretch marks. Instead, lift lighter weights but do an increased number of repetitions.

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Request a prescription for Retin-A from your dermatologist. This medication is a cream and can be applied directly to your shoulder stretch marks to help them go away. Apply this cream once a day to reduce redness and stimulate the production of collagen, which can help even out the texture of the stretch marks. This works best on newer stretch marks.

Undergo laser treatments to stimulate collagen production beneath the surface of the skin. A non-ablative laser will be used to encourage the stretch marks to fade without injuring the surface of the skin. As you shed the top layers of skin over time, the deeper layers will show through and exhibit an improved texture.

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Undergo excimer laser treatments to change the pigment of your shoulder stretch marks. This laser will stimulate the production of melanin in your stretch marks and help older, white stretch marks blend in with the surrounding skin.