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The Best Foods to Eat at Night

Many people find that even with an adequately sized dinner they are still hungry before bedtime comes. When this is the case, foods that induce good sleep and that are healthy are the ones to reach for. According to, foods that contain tryptophan along with those that have carbohydrates are the best choices to fill up the stomach without disrupting healthy sleep patterns.

Cereal With Milk recommends a cereal made with whole grains and topped with skim milk. This is a good choice because you will get some carbohydrates and calcium, which can induce sleep without making you so full you can't get to sleep. It is important to limit the amount of sugar in a nighttime bowl of cereal because too much of the sweet stuff can interfere with sleep. Many people find eating a bowl of cereal before bed relaxing and choosing the right one will keep the stomach full until morning, but won't overdo it on calories, fat or sugar.


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A peanut butter sandwich contains tryptophan and carbohydrates, while a tuna sandwich is low in protein, but has enough carbohydrates to make it a good nighttime choice. Turkey is another tryptophan-containing food that makes a good sandwich to eat before bed. However, recommends not eating any of these types of sandwiches minutes before getting into bed because it takes a little while for the effects of the carbohydrates and tryptophan to kick in and make you ready to fall asleep. Eat your sandwich about an hour before you plan to head to bed to reap the full benefits of the sleep-inducing nutrients it contains.


A couple of scrambled eggs contain enough tryptophan to make them a good nighttime food choice, according to Eggs are also warm, which makes them comforting to eat, something that induces sleep. A little bit of cheese sprinkled on top of the eggs provides enough carbohydrates and protein to keep you full until morning, but not so full that you are too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Scrambled eggs wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla is also a nighttime food option that promotes healthy sleep and good health.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

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Some people want something sweet to end their day and help them fall asleep. recommends oatmeal raisin cookies with milk because this simple snack provides carbohydrates, calcium and tryptophan, a triple benefit to a nighttime food that can put you to sleep in no time. Dairy foods are one of the top recommended foods to eat at night because the tryptophan they contain helps the body produce melatonin, a brain chemical that is key to falling and staying asleep, as well as regulating sleep function. This is why a glass of warm milk is often recommended to someone who is having trouble sleeping.