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How to Test for Crack Cocaine

When cocaine is cut, manipulated and solidified it becomes crack cocaine, most commonly referred to as crack 1. Crack is highly addictive, gives an instant “high” and is relatively inexpensive to buy. Most crack rocks are white, but they can also be an off white or cream color. Crack cocaine is usually smoked, but people will sometimes liquefy the drug and inject into their system with a needle 1. If you come across a substance that you believe to be crack, you can easily run an at- home test to determine if you are correct or not.

Purchase a crack cocaine identification test kit 1. These kits are not readily available in stores, but you can find them online at sites like

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Put on gloves before you begin the test. You do not want to get crack residue on your hands, because you can accidentally ingest it and feel the effects of the drug.

Dip the tip of the test into the item that you suspect is crack cocaine 1. The tip is sticky, so avoid touching anything else.

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Place the test back into the kit and shake well for 60 seconds.

Wait for the results. If the testing area turns turquoise, then the specimen you tested is crack cocaine or has traces of crack cocaine in it 1.


Do not touch the sticky tip. This can contaminate the test.


Always wear gloves when testing drugs. Failure to do so can lead to accidental ingestion of the drug.