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How to Tell If There Is a Spider in My Ear?

Spiders, with their eight eyes and eight legs, frighten many people because of how inhuman they are. Spiders come in a variety of sizes, live nearly anywhere they can find food and often wander into human dwellings where they are unwelcome. A spider in your ear would be even more unwelcome 2. Before you panic, check whether or not there really is a spider in your ear 2. If there is a spider, a doctor can easily remove it for you.

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Listen carefully. If there is a spider in your ear, you may hear strange sounds because of how close it is to your ear drum 2. You may also experience pain or discomfort in the event of a spider taking up residence inside your ear canal 2.

How to Remove a Spider From an Ear

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Turn your head sideways to look at your ear in a mirror, and see if there is a spider immediately obvious 2.

Ask a friend to look in your ear, possibly with a magnifying glass and small flashlight to see deeper into the ear canal.

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Visit a doctor, who will be able to perform a more thorough inspection of your ear. The doctor will also be able to flush out your ear, or remove a spider with a tweezers or forceps.


Don't attempt to fish the spiders out with a cotton swab, as you may end up smashing them instead. Flushing them out with water if your best course of action. Do not attempt to insert any implement, such as a tweezers, into your ear yourself.