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How to Tape a Broken Pinky Toe

Breaking your smallest toe can be a very painful experience. Unfortunately, because of how the bones are located, there isn't much your doctor can do to fix it other than strap it up. Therefore, you can easily do it yourself. Most toe fractures heal on their own accord and need only to be strapped to ensure the toe sets itself straight 2. Within six weeks your little toe should be back to normal.

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Apply ice to the broken toe to numb the pain and reduce swelling 1.

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Dry your toe carefully and cut the gauze into a strip measuring 1 inch by 3 inches. Fold the strip in half and half again.

Carefully place the gauze between your fourth toe and your little toe. This will stop the skin from chafing and making the toe more painful.

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Cut 6 inches of medical tape and slowly wrap the tape around your fourth toe and your little toe. Try to keep the tape in the middle of the toe and off the toenail. Add more tape if the toes don't feel as if they are firmly strapped together.

Change the wrapping after every shower so the gauze doesn't stay wet against your skin. Try to keep weight off your hurt foot and keep it elevated whenever possible.


Painkillers can help reduce pain after the initial injury. If the toe still hurts, apply ice and keep the foot elevated.