Symptoms of a Deodorant Allergy

Symptoms of a deodorant allergy can range from mild to severe. If you experience any discomfort after applying deodorant, chances are that you have an allergy to that deodorant. This may happen when you've started using a new deodorant. However, you can also develop an allergy to a deodorant even if you've used it for years without any symptoms.

Redness and Itching

Mild symptoms of a deodorant allergy include redness and itching in the armpits. This is usually just uncomfortable and typically dissipates once the deodorant has been washed off. If the itching becomes unbearable, treat the area with an over-the-counter anti-pruritic (anti-itching) cream.

Peeling Skin

Another common symptom of a deodorant allergy is peeling skin in the area where the deodorant was applied. This usually starts with dry, cracked and/or flaky skin. The skin may peel off in flakes or sheets of thin layers. This usually leaves the area raw and irritated. It can be treated with mild soap and allowing the area to dry completely.


One of the more severe symptoms of a deodorant allergy is oozing skin in the area where the deodorant was used. If your skin is open and oozing, seek medical attention immediately. Open and oozing skin can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can quickly spread to the bloodstream if the area.


Pustules, or pimples, can develop in areas where the deodorant was applied. If pustules occur, resist the urge to scrub the area or pop the pustules as this can lead to infection.


If the deodorant allergy has a systemic effect, it can cause the body to break out in hives.