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How to Stop a Toothache Immediately

Tooth decay and infections can bring on a toothache 1. And while many people visit their dentist to find the cause of tooth pain, they also seek ways to receive immediate relief until their appointment. Several techniques can help remedy tooth pain quickly. Employ a few methods to stop the ache until you're able to see a dentist.

Dislodge food stuck between the teeth. A toothache may develop after eating due to food being stuck between the teeth. Floss after meals to remove food that causes irritation and stop a toothache.

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Dissolve a pain reliever tablet in your mouth. Take an ibuprofen or aspirin with water to immediately dull pain from a toothache. Take medications as directed. Do not place medications directly on the tooth.

Numb pain with an antiseptic. Receive immediate relief from a toothache by dabbing oral antiseptic on a cotton swab, and then dabbing the cotton swab on the irritated tooth.

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Use ice. If antiseptic isn't available, place a ice cube wrapped in a cloth against the cheek closest to the toothache to help numb the pain and dull the ache. Remove the ice after 15 minutes and repeat up to four times a day.