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How to Stop the Pain of Planters Warts

Most warts are not painful, but plantar warts grow on the feet so they can hurt because of their location. The Mayo Clinic says they often grow around pressure points on the foot 1. Common areas include the heels or balls of the feet. Walking causes pressure on the plantar wart, which can be very painful. There are ways to treat plantar warts that will relieve the pain and get rid of the wart so it can't cause any future discomfort.

Cushion the plantar wart with a corn pad. Ray Foster of New Start Health Care says this is a donut-shaped pad that will cushion the wart and relieve the pressure 2. A pad may enable you to walk more comfortably.

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Treat the plantar wart with an over-the-counter preparation to get rid of it. The Mayo Clinic says these warts will eventually go away on their own, but you can speed the process up by treating it 1. The two most popular OTC treatments are salicylic acid and freezing kits. Acid treatment generally takes longer than freezing. The acid often comes on pads that you can wear to cushion the wart while the product is working. You will need to put a corn pad on the wart after a freeze treatment.

Make an appointment with your doctor if OTC treatments are not working and your plantar wart is still painful. The doctor has other treatment options, such as more powerful products to dissolve or freeze the wart. In the most stubborn cases the Mayo Clinic says he can remove it surgically or with a laser treatment 1.

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Keep your feet clean and dry to help prevent the plantar wart from returning. Warts can be prone to return once you have had them, and they can crop up in the same painful spot. They like moist environments, so clean, dry feet are less prone to develop them. The Mayo Clinic also recommends wearing sandals rather than going barefoot in locker rooms, on pool decks and in other public places with warm, moist floors 1.


Don't touch your plantar wart excessively or pick at it. It may be painful and annoying, but if you do this you could spread it around your foot and possibly to your hands. If you touch it when applying a corn pad or treating it, the Mayo Clinic says to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.