How to Stop Taking High Blood Pressure Medication

By James Clark

High blood pressure is called the "silent killer" because the victim may feel normal and experience no adverse symptoms until it is too late. High blood pressure medication is formulated to bring the pressure to within safe levels, prolonging and increasing the quality of life. Because these drugs are so effective, some people may be inclined to stop taking their medicines once their blood pressure falls to normal levels. This could be a fatal mistake. However, in consultation with a doctor and after making significant lifestyle changes to help manage blood pressure, in some cases, individuals may ease off high blood pressure medication. Consult a doctor before starting or stopping any blood pressure medication.

Talk to your doctor before abruptly stopping any medication used to treat high blood pressure. Failure to do so could kill you. The medications help lower blood pressure, which could begin to rise again as soon as you stop taking the drugs. In the most serious cases, untreated high blood pressure can trigger a heart attack, stroke, cause kidney failure and loss of vision.

Manage your blood pressure by making lifestyle changes. Exercise and lose weight, eat healthy (cut out the salt), drink in moderation (two drinks a day, maximum) and quit smoking. Such changes may lower your blood pressure to an extent that a doctor might recommend that you stop taking medications, but only a doctor should make that decision after a thorough evaluation of your condition.

Be wary of products or claims promoting all-natural, holistic or New Age ways to reduce high blood pressure. When considering any form of treatment, always talk to a doctor.

Be prepared to accept the fact that your best efforts to reduce blood pressure without prescription drugs may fail. Once you start, it may be necessary to take high blood pressure medication for the rest of your life. Age, physical condition, health history and the extent of any heart damage or prior heat attacks can all play factors in the physician's decision for you to stop or continue the medication.


Do not abruptly stop taking your medicines for high blood pressure unless a physician expressly tells you to do so.

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