How to Stop Ears From Ringing

By Contributor

Ever leave a concert or movie theatre with ringing in your ears? Go hunting and forget ear protection? Get rid of that ringing in your ears fast and efficiently!

Start by plugging one ear. Keep plugged for up to one minute. Be sure that your hands are clean and also be sure not to apply to much pressure. The ringing should start to lessen or dull. Do not plug your ears if you have water or anything foreign in them. Clean them first, and use caution!

Plug the other ear, and hold for up to one minute. If you do not feel comfortable plugging your ears, cup your hand over them instead and try to block out as much sound as possible. This method is most effective if only one ear is plugged at a time.

Be sure to alternate between each ear until the ringing has stopped. If needed, repeat steps. If you have any pain or swelling consult your doctor. Always try to protect your hearing.


While enjoying live music, be sure to take proper precautions to protect your hearing. Ringing in the ear is actually called "tinnitus" which effects either the outer, middle ear, inner ear or brain. In rare situations, some medications can cause tinnitus such as Asprin If you are unsure whether this is just tinnitus, and think it could be something more call your doctor Start children with safe practices by buying and using ear protection. Ear muffs for children are ideal, while older children might enjoy foam style ear plugs


Never put foreign objects into the ear Always use ear protection when possible repeated exposure to loud noises without proper protection can damage hearing Practice proper hygiene and clean ears regularly

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