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How to Stimulate the Hypothalamus Gland

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

How to Stimulate the Hypothalamus Gland. In order to understand the workings of the body, you must know that the hypothalamus makes the pituitary gland work correctly. The pituitary gland controls all of the body's needs. The hypothalamus is a region in the brain and not an actual gland. You can stimulate it with a few steps.

Eat slowly in order to tell the hypothalamus that you are full. Because of this signal, the appetite slows and metabolism increases. Much of the scientific research on obesity deals with sending the right signal to the hypothalamus.

Endure stress to activate the hypothalamus. When stress attacks the body, the hypothalamus reacts with a "fight or flight" response.

Look at bright light. The hypothalamus will send a signal to the retina relating to light and darkness. Retinal changes occur once the light comes into your eyes and stimulates the hypothalamus.

Consider that hormones from the ovaries stimulate the hypothalamus to accomplish various tasks taken for granted, such as menses for women. The hypothalamus, in turn, stimulates other glands within the body.

Allow your baby to start breastfeeding, if you are a new mother. This sends the signal to the hypothalamus to send milk to feed the baby.


Though not actually a gland as many believe, the hypothalamus stimulates and controls all organs in the body. The hypothalamus is in charge of homeostasis, which ensures our continued existence. It actually accomplishes more stimulating than it receives.

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