Signs & Symptoms of Tricompartmental Degenerative Disease

When people refer to tricompartmental degenerative disease they are usually referring to osteoarthritis of all three joint compartments of the knee. This is a disease that takes years to develop and is very difficult to treat.

Is This an Emergency?

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The most common symptom of tricompartmental degenerative disease is a deep aching pain in the knees that gets worse after exercise or while putting weight on it.


Another symptom of tricompartmental degenerative disease is a grating feeling whenever the knee is moved in any direction.

Rainy Weather

A common symptom of osteoarthritis, which would be indicative of tricompartmental degenerative disease, would be that the pain becomes worse in rainy weather.


Those with tricompartmental degenerative disease are likely to feel stiffness throughout their knee when they wake up in the morning. This stiffness should improve throughout the day.


The knee may swell periodically, especially after exercise and after weight has been put on it for an extended period of time.