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How to Self Treat a Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a pus filled bump that appears on your gums. These are caused by teeth that are rotten and decaying. It is an infection that can be life threatening if not tended to properly.

It is best to seek the help of a dentist, to properly remove the dead or dying tooth. But this article is for those people who cannot afford to see a dentist immediately.

This is how I have treated visible tooth abscess but you should do what you think is best. And if at all possible find away to see a dentist.

Identify a tooth abscess It will appear as a solid bump it may or may not begin to form a white head. An abscess can be found located near a rotting or decaying tooth. It can be the cause of serious mouth pain that no over the counter medicine can seem to help. This pain may eventually subside as the abscess grows in size and fills with pus. This pus is poison and it is already beginning to infect your body, which may cause you face to swell. What will ultimately need to happen is that tooth will need to be taken care of. But a tooth can not be extracted if there is an infected tooth abscess. What the dentist will do is with his sterilized scalpel he will cut a small slice into the abscess place a mouth Band-Aid on it to keep it open and drain all the pus from the infected area. It is this pus that needs to be removed and is the cause of pain and infection.

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Sterilize a sharp needle or pin Do this by boiling it in hot water for 10 minuets. Allow to cool

Clean your mouth Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue thoroughly. Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine for 30 seconds.

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Prep Have some clean tissue set aside and a few cotton balls with saturated with Listerine.

The painful part Insert needle into the top of the abscess. The skin on your gum is extreme tough and it will hurt like crazy as you attempt to pierce it with the needle. Only insert the needle to what you figure is half way into the abscess. And remove needle immediately. You should already see white to yellow to even greenish pus begin to drain. DO NOT SWALLOW the pus. Spit it out.

Draining Using your fingertip press from the top of the gum to the bottom of the gum to force the pus out of the opening you have created. Do this until you no longer see pus or until it turns it blood. DO NOT SWALLOW pus. Just wipe the pus off on the tissue and continue to drain the abscess. Once it has finished draining dab with your presoaked Listerine cotton ball.

Your mouth The moment that the pus has begun to drain you should feel instant amounts of relief. Every couple of hours just take your clean finger and press to drain the abscess. If it does not drain again the next day and begins to grow again, just repeat the process. Except try to insert the needle into the same part of your gum. After two insertions you should be able to randomly drain out the abscess. If you had an infection that swelled your mouth and face. It is advisable to take a form of antibiotic. You can usually see your family doctor about this, even if they are not a dentist. This abscess area will remain there until the issue with your tooth is resolved. So even if you have solved the immediate danger and infection, it is still best to get the cause of the problem fixed as soon as you can. Especially since oral health is vital to physical overall health.


Apply a low set heating pad to help ease the swelling and help produce drainage. I recommend taking an anti-inflammatory like Advil (ibuprofen) or Aleve (naproxen sodium) to help beat the swelling and help ease the pain. But be certain to follow instructions and no what medicines you can and cannot take.


I am not a doctor, dentist or any form of medical practitioner. What I have suggested only comes from first hand and personal experience. It is only a method that I have used and have seen used. I will not be held responsible for anyone's actions or results from this method.