Can the Sciatic Nerve Cause Pain in the Groin?

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It supplies innervation to the entire leg, as well as the buttocks and the groin. In certain cases, the sciatic nerve can become damaged, leading to pain. If the damage is to one of the portions of the sciatic nerve that runs to the groin, then pain in the groin can result.

Is This an Emergency?

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Description of the Groin Pain

Groin pain caused by damage to the sciatic nerve often feels like a sharp or burning pain in the groin.


The sciatic nerve can either become inflamed or pinched if it gets trapped by bones or muscles, which can lead to groin pain.

Causes of Sciatic Pinching

In some cases, the sciatic nerve can cause groin pain because the hip joints have degenerated, leading to the joint becoming weak and causing it to occasionally impinge on the nerve.

Aggravating Conditions

Groin pain caused by the sciatic nerve can be exacerbated by sitting for long periods of time or by sudden movement of the hip joint.

Location of the Pain

Groin pain caused by the sciatic nerve is most likely to occur toward the rear of the groin, as that is where the sciatic nerve provides most of its innervation.