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How to Run With Plantar Warts

By Peter Brooks

You can run with plantar warts. There are several techniques that minimize the discomfort and the sometimes pain of plantar warts. Running with plantar warts without using one of these techniques can result in injury or slower race times as you may consciously or unconsciously change your running gait and style in adjusting to the pain. Plantar warts, found on the sole or heel of a foot, are noncancerous. Like all common warts, they are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus. They differ from warts on other parts of the body by being ingrown due to the pressure of walking on them. While plantar warts do not require treatment, treatment is often recommended.

How to Run With Plantar Warts

Wash and dry your foot that has the plantar wart before running. Minimize moisture by using dry or synthetic material socks. Use a moisture reducing or absorbent powder.

Wash your hands after treating the plantar wart; plantar warts can be contagious. Walking barefoot on wet shower or changing room floors can spread plantar warts--use sandals or socks.

Use blister treatments that can be found in local convenience or drug stores. These treatments include corn pads, moleskin, Band-Aid Blister Blocks, and other similar treatments. The treatment material should be placed in a 2-inch circle centered by the plantar wart. If the treatment material is painful to remove, you should cut out the center of the material so the plantar wart is not covered.

Use an emery board to sand off the top of plantar wart. This technique reduces the pressure on the wart when you run.

Run with duct tape over the plantar wart. Even recommended by some medical professionals, duct tape will cushion the plantar wart, lowering the pain, and also may, over time, destroy the plantar wart by starving it of air and nutrients. Runners who use duct tape leave the tape on the plantar wart one or two weeks.

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