How to Get Rid of Welts

Welts, or hives, are raised areas with fluid buildup under the skin's surface that are often red and sometimes itchy. Welts are commonly caused by insect bites, allergic reactions or infections and can present as a rash, blotch or pimple-like mark anywhere on the body. The welt marks can suddenly show up and disappear as the skin’s reaction waxes and wanes. Welts can often be treated privately in the home using several methods of elimination.

Discover the cause of the welt, and eliminate contact with the object or objects. Think back to where you were when the skin reaction occurred and what you were doing. Note anything new that you have never been exposed to before, such as foods, medications and animals 2.

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Take an antihistamine to reduce and ease symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic. Antihistamines are available over the counter in most drug and grocery stores.

Purchase topical creams to diminish the itching linked with welts. According to MedicineNet, topical creams containing active ingredients of camphor, menthol, diphenhydramine or pramoxine can help reduce itching in some cases. Placing topical cream on welts will make them feel better and lessen skin irritation.

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Wear loose clothing to lessen skin irritation. Wearing tight-fitting clothing is ill-advised and could lead to greater skin irritation and discomfort.

Apply cold compresses to areas affected by welts. The cold feeling will make the affected skin feel better when applied.

Schedule an appointment with a doctor if the welts become more severe in nature or more irritating. Your doctor may decide to administer an injection of epinephrine, or adrenaline, into your system if the welts warrant such treatment. A doctor can also prescribe a more powerful antihistamine or topical cream if needed.


Go to the emergency room immediately if the welts are severe and cause great pain, irritation or swelling.