How to Get Rid of Sciatic Nerve Pain

By Barbara Burgess

Sciatic nerve pain is usually caused by a group of compressed nerves located around the left hip area. For some, the pain runs down the left leg causing immobilization. Below are a few things to help relieve the pain of sciatica.

Dull the pain. Reach for the nearest anti-inflammatory in your medicine cabinet. It relieves the pain temporarily while reducing, any inflammation that serves as probable cause for the pain in the first place.

Go see your doctor. The pain of a sciatic nerve may become so severe you need to see a trained physician. Once there, you doctor possibly want to give you some type of steroidal injection. However, rarely will the injection go directly into the nerve for fear of causing undo injury to the nervous system.

Try natural methods. Try alternating between cold and hot treatment for the pain. Apply ice to the affected area to help reduce pain and inflammation. Depending on the level of initial relief obtained, you may need to use a hot pack approximately 48 hours after ice pack treatment for further pain reduction.

Stretch it out. Try using mild stretching techniques to regain sensation back in your leg. Slowly stretch your leg in a full range of motion being extra careful not to move it too quickly or with a jerky movement. Moving the leg to quickly may cause the problem to worsen, yet it may just be enough to loosen up the leg.

Consider a last resort. Relief from severe sciatic nerve may only come in the form of having surgery performed in one of two ways. The two ways are either, removal of the herniated disc or by destroying the invading nerve fibers of the degenerative disc.

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