How to Get Rid of a Boil With a Bottle

Boils are very painful skin infections. They are caused by bacteria entering and infecting an oil gland or hair follicle. Boils can occur anywhere on the body. They are more often found on children. This is a great, old fashioned, pain free method of getting rid of a boil.

Place a clean glass bottle in a pot of very warm to hot water. Let the bottle stand in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. Any type of clean glass bottle will work such as a soda bottle or a beer bottle.

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Remove the bottle from the hot water and empty the water out of it. The bottle should be very warm and you should be able to handle it without it burning. The bottle should be as warm as you can comfortably stand.

Place the opening of the bottle over the boil. Hold the bottle in place with the entire rim touching your skin. You do not need to exert pressure while holding the bottle just make sure the rim is touching firmly and securely.

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Allow the bottle to cool completely while you are holding it. The boil will break and the infection will drain. This works because as the bottle and the air inside cools, it contracts. Contracting air will create a vacuum and pull the head out of the boil. If the head is not pulled out it will pull the head and infection to the surface. Repeat if necessary. Wait at least 2 to 4 hours before starting the process.

Clean the area with antibacterial soap and a disposable paper towel. Pat dry with a paper towel. Apply an antibiotic cream and cover with a bandage. Do not use a towel because the towel can harbor the bacteria and spread it to someone else.


Never squeeze a boil because it can break under the surface and your body can reabsorb the infection instead of removing it. Re-absorption will make the return of a boil more likely.