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How to Reverse Lung Damage

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

Lung damage can be caused by a number of things. It is our job to know what those things are and to avoid them if possible. Many times in our youth we get careless and don't understand the seriousness of what we're doing. Then later in years we end up paying the price. In general, our lungs and body may need some tender loving care.

To reverse lung damage is possible; while they may never be fully restored or healed a big difference can be achieved. Naturally, it will take effort on your part, so it is up to you. Understand that it will take time and does not happen overnight, therefore, start as soon as possible and don't procrastinate.

If you're a smoker you need to quit or if you are breathing second hand smoke you need to get away from it. We all know that smoking damages lungs whether it's yours or someone else. Do whatever you need to do to accomplish this and damaged lungs will begin to heal themselves.

Avoid exposure to air pollution, chemicals, fumes and other toxins as much as possible. We have an element of control over what we breathe and we need to do the best we can to eliminate anything that will cause lung damage. Do the research necessary to find what you may be using that can be replaced with something more eco-friendly.

Once you begin to make changes lungs will start the healing process. You not only help yourself, but your family and others when you're proactive in this way. If we all do our part we can make a difference.

Do deep breathing exercises for at least 5-10 minutes a day. This is very easy, but be sure it's clean air. Most people tend to take shallow breaths this limits oxygen intake. To practice deep breathing, breathe slowly and you should see and feel the stomach rise and fall.

You can also do exercise such as Yoga, maritial arts and pilates, these are all good forms of exercise that focus on breathing. This way you not only reverse lung damage, but get the body in shape as well.

Consider a lung cleanse and detoxification to help reduce lung damage. There are many lung detox products on the market, so you need to research and find the one that will work best for you. This will benefit the entire body including lungs and respiratory system.

Unhealthy lungs can create serious illness if we don't take action to heal them. In fact, lung damage can shorten our life span when we passively allow it to happen.

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