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How to Remove a Bee Stinger After Two Days

Typically, you're going to want to get that stinger out of your skin as soon as humanly possible. Not only does it hurt like the dickens, but there's actually venom still in the stinger after the bite has occurred. When left to fester under the skin, this venom can in fact continue to seep into the body and worsen the effect of the sting. Of course, the severity of the individual's reaction to the sting will vary from person to person, since no two people really have the same sensitivity to a bee's venom. Yet, you're still going to want to get it out, and there are occasions when the stinger is left in for a couple of days for some reason or another. The most effective method to remove a stinger after two or more days will basically be the same as when you first got stung.

Use your fingernail. This is one of the most convenient ways to remove a stinger from your skin. Simply draw your fingernail across the area of the sting. The slight pressure and direction of the motion should extract the stinger.

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Use a plastic card, like a credit card, library card or ID card. This works under the same principle as a fingernail. Just draw (or scrape) the edge of the card along the area of the sting to extract the stinger.

Try using a tweezers. Do this only after you're unable to remove it by fingernail or plastic card (and if it's been a couple of days). The reason you want to avoid using a tweezers is the squeezing motion can actually release the venom of the stinger into the skin.

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Ice the area. After you've removed the stinger from the skin, promptly ice the area to reduce swelling and numb any pain you may be experiencing.

Clean the area with warm, soapy water and keep your eye on the sting.


When using your fingernail to remove a stinger, make sure that your hands and area under the nail is clean. Just like any other break in the skin, a sting can become infected. To avoid this, you should wash your hands before attempting to remove a bee stinger.