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How to Remove a Spider From an Ear

How to Remove a Spider From an Ear. If you can hear a scratching in your ear and feel a tickle, you may have a spider in your ear. Spiders tend to flee to dark places to hide, and if your ear is nearby it is a likely place to go. Never fear, there is an easy way to remove this pest from your ear!

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Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Do not wring it out, you will need as much of the liquid as possible.

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Tilt your head to the side, with the invaded ear facing up.

Squeeze the cotton ball over your ear while aiming the dripping alcohol inside. Leave plenty of space between the cotton ball and your ear for the spider to crawl out.

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Remove the spider from your ear area as soon as it exits, or else it may go back in. The spider is likely to scurry out quickly, so be prepared as it exits to brush him away.


If you have a fear of spiders you may require assistance from someone else to deal with the spider once it leaves your ear.


Seek medical attention if this does not resolve the issue. You may have something other than a spider in your ear. Do not use a cotton swab or small knife to attempt to remove or kill the spider; this will cause damage to your ear.