How to Remove Plaque In Arteries

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Removing plaque in arteries is crucial to living a long and healthy life. Arterial plaque buildup contributes greatly to increased risks for artery disease, atherosclerosis, and heart disease among others. Arguably plaque buildup in the arteries even can even lead to other serious conditions. In fact the top diseases that American's face almost universally are effected by elevated artery plaque levels. The following guide should help you identify what steps to take to remove plaque in arteries naturally and regain your long term health.

Consult your doctor for medicinal ways of removing artery plaque. There are many natural ways to remove plaque in arteries but serious problems may require the assistance of medications that only your doctor can advise on or prescribe.

Increase your HDL cholesterol levels by eating more fish and drinking a little wine every day. This combination of food and drink offers well documented affects of increasing good cholesterol levels and resultantly decreasing bad cholesterol levels which contribute to artery plaque build up.

Stop eating foods which are high in sodium and cholesterol. Artery plaques form primarily to an overabundance of LDL cholesterol flowing through your blood vessels. When you feed your blood stream less cholesterol plaque buildup on your artery walls is less likely to occur. Similarly decreasing the amount of sodium you consume will help keep your blood pressure lower which also works to keep cholesterol from becoming artery plaques.

Start walking in the sun every day. This helps greatly in removing artery plaque buildup because the exercise helps to lower blood pressure and make new artery plaques less likely to form. Additionally the sun exposure will aid in vitamin D production which is well documented in discouraging the formation of plaque in arteries and the complications of heart disease.

Curb systemic inflammation with a focused diet. Just as high blood pressure can encourage further plaque in arteries so to can inflammation. Foods such as garlic can keep inflammation levels lower while other foods have the ability to raise these levels. If you need to remove plaque in arteries you have to stop all functions that can cause arterial plaque build up and systemic inflammation is one of them.


Remember artery plaque removal is not an immediate process; it's not like your clogged arteries can open up with a little Draino. You have to give it time to gradually decrease and so long as you do not encourage the formation of plaque in arteries you should slowly see improvement in time. You can remove artery plaque if you are determined, you just have to set goals and reach for them.

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