How to Remove a Mole With Compound W

Moles can not only affect your appearance and self esteem, but they can also be dangerous to your health. Any attempt at mole removal should be undertaken with a physician's approval. For small, benign moles that affect your appearance only, doctors may recommend using over-the-counter medicines and methods to take care of the problem. This can be a less expensive and less invasive way to achieve the look you desire. Compound W, normally sold as a wart remover, is sometimes recommended to remove these small, harmless moles.

Place the Compound W gel on the end of a cotton swab. You can use the end of a toothpick if the mole is extremely tiny.

Apply the gel to the mole, being careful to cover the entire area. Allow the gel to dry.

Repeat the first two steps twice daily for at least one week. The mole will begin to dry up and should be completely gone after this time.

Make an appointment with your doctor to make sure the affected area looks as it should and that no further action is needed.


Do not attempt any mole-removal procedure without the consent of your doctor. Only moles that your doctor deems safe should be removed using this method.