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How to Remove Ear Flaps on Giro Ski Helmets

By Marie Mulrooney

Snap-In Pins

The earpads on the Giro Omen, Fuse, G10, G10MX and G9 models are all secured by three snap-in pins. To remove them, unthread the chin straps from the ear flap loops, then pull the ear flaps straight up and out the helmet. You may need to tug firmly the first few times.

Secured By Tabs

The ear flaps on Giro Bad Lieutenant, Encore, S4 and 540 helmets are secured by a locking tab, and the helmet straps snap into the ear flaps as well. To remove these ear flaps, first unsnap the helmet straps, then pull each ear flap straight out from the helmet.

Secured By Snaps

The ear flaps on Giro Nine.9 and Nine.9MX helmets are secured to the helmet by snaps. Unthread the helmet's chin straps from the loops in the ear flaps, then grip the base of each ear flap and pull it toward the center of the helmet to unfasten the snaps.

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