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How to Remove Bone Spurs

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

How to Remove Bone Spurs. Bone spurs are abnormal calcium growth on bone, the spine, a nerve or a joint. Bone spurs are generally a result of an injury or an indication of medical disorders.

Remove bone spurs with medications. Bone spurs that are not painful or disfiguring are best treated with a topical or oral medicine.

Get treatment with open surgery. During open surgery, the skin is cut using a scalpel. A scalpel is a sharp, precise surgical knife. Lasers are also used to make incisions into the skin. Endoscopy technology is a valuable tool. Endoscopy is an instrument that allows viewing by a surgeon of the internal body structure via a small incision.

Seek relief with arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic surgery is performed with a fiber optic device. A fiber optic is a small viewing device consisting of a light, camera and lens that produces feedback via video. The arthroscopic surgeon gets the benefit of diagnosing, viewing, examining, treating and surgically repairing a selected area without invasive surgery. This type of surgery generally uses general anesthesia. General anesthesia, also called a nerve blocker, is given through a intravenous injection. Total healing time depends on the complexity and general health of patient.

Consider outpatient treatment. Surgery for toe spurs is traditionally performed as an outpatient procedure by a DPM. A DPM is a doctor of podiatry medicine. DPM specializes in feet, ankles and lower leg care. The DPM, makes a small incision and smooth the spur. The surgical site is stitched and covered with a bandage. The healing time depends on complexity and the normal activity of the patient.

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