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How to Rejuvenate the Kidneys, Pancreas, & Liver

By Melissa Hopkins ; Updated July 27, 2017

Your kidneys, pancreas, and liver are vital to the digestion of food, the removal of toxins from the bloodstream, and the production and regulation of hormones. Keeping these organs highly functional is essential. By learning how to properly treat your kidneys, pancreas, and liver, you can rejuvenate them and improve your health.

Steps to healthier kidneys, pancreas, and liver

Quit smoking cigarettes and reduce your alcohol intake as much as possible. Smoking reduces the effectiveness of your circulatory system, which affects the way all your organs function. Drinking and smoking both increase the amount of toxins your kidneys, pancreas, and liver have to remove from your bloodstream. Ask your doctor to suggest medications or other kinds of support to help you quit.

Change your diet to promote kidney, pancreas and liver health. Reduce sugar intake to help prevent diabetes, as this is a major factor in kidney health. Eat high-fiber foods like grains, fruits, and vegetables, and reduce or eliminate high-fat foods from your diet. Eat reduced-fat versions of your favorite dairy products.

Reduce your exposure to all kinds of toxins. Your kidneys, pancreas, and liver have a difficult enough job filtering and removing toxins with the amount of poisons you are regularly exposed to, so it is important to protect yourself. Wear gloves and a mask when using dangerous chemicals, especially pesticides, paints, and cleaning products. Be careful to keep the spray residue off your skin.

Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Exercise is essential for promoting healthy blood flow and maintaining your correct weight. Being overweight increases your risk of problems with your kidneys, pancreas, and liver. Take your daily exercise routine seriously. Work up to vigorous exercise gradually if you are out of shape.


Ibuprofen is particularly hard on your kidneys and liver. Use other kinds of pain relievers whenever possible.

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