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How to Recover From a Fall

How to Recover From a Fall. A fall can be a horrible experience depending on the severity of the spill. A minor fall is usually nothing to worry about, but a serious fall can result in injuries, such as broken bones or worse. If you do have a fall, you should know the ways that you can recover from the injury.

Assess the damage. When you first fall, try to see what areas hurt on your body and how severe your injuries are. Attempt to move your limbs to see if you have broken any bones.

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Call for help. If you suspect that your injuries are severe, call for assistance. Use your cell phone to call someone or yell out if you are in a public place.

Get up if you can with assistance. If the injuries are minor, then you probably want to get to your feet right away. Allow someone to help you get to your feet.

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Head over to a doctor's office or hospital. If you have a serious fall, let your doctor know. He may want you to come in to check your vitals and dress any wounds that you have sustained. Very serious falls may require that you go to the emergency room by ambulance.

Shrug off any embarrassment that you may feel. A fall is embarrassing, but it happens to everyone. Never feel ashamed about calling out for help when you fall.

Give yourself time to heal. Your body is going to require a healing period after a fall. This is especially true of people of an advanced age.


If you have a tendency to fall often, speak to your doctor about possible medical conditions that could be attributing to your falls. A fall that results in a head injury should be brought to a doctor's attention right away. You may have a concussion.