How to Read a Quickvue Pregnancy Test

By Deb Katula

Doctors' offices often use Quickvue pregnancy tests to confirm early pregnancy results. Many women prefer to get results in the comfort of their own homes, and Quickvue kits can be purchased for home use. This test is considered 99 percent accurate. It can be taken as little as seven days after becoming pregnant. However, most pregnancies cannot be accurately confirmed until two weeks after a woman misses her period.

Perform the Quickvue pregnancy test as directed. Place at least three drops of urine on the test strip to achieve a result.

Wait three minutes for result of test. The results can begin to show before the three-minute period. Readings taken after three minutes may not be accurate. For example, if your test is positive at three minutes and you leave the test sitting out, it may indicate a negative result after ten minutes. The reading at the three-minute mark is the correct reading.

Interpret the results as positive if you see a pinkish to purple line next to the letter T in the results window and you find a blue line next to the letter C in the results window. Two separate lines should appear to confirm you are pregnant.

Find a negative result if a blue line appears next to the letter C and no line appears next to the letter T in the results window. If this result occurs, it is unlikely that you are pregnant.

Receive an inconclusive result if the blue control line does not appear next to the letter C. You should retake the test using a different test kit.


If you take a reading within the first seven days that you are pregnant, a positive reading most likely means you are pregnant. But a negative reading is not always accurate this early in the pregnancy. If the result is negative at seven days, wait a week and then retest.

Have the test results confirmed at a doctor's office. Neonatal care should begin as soon as possible.

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