Pros & Cons of Zumba

Cardiovascular Workout

The zumba dance craze has taken the United States, along with other areas of the world, by storm. This fun, energizing, beneficial fitness method seems to have moved into fitness centers and living rooms overnight. While zumba has obvious health benefits, you may have conflicting views as to whether or not this form of aerobic exercise is right for you.

Inspired by African and Latin dance, zumba leads participants in a high-impact aerobic dance workout. A one-hour zumba class can burn up to 470 calories. If you participate in an hour-long class at least three days a week, you will have performed more than your weekly recommended amount of aerobic activity. Because this type of aerobic activity is fun for so many people, it is considered by many to be an ideal method of shedding excess body weight.

Mental Health

Physical exercise, especially high-impact aerobic exercise, can help improve your mental health. Endorphins, the hormone responsible for making you feel good, are released during physical activity, thus boosting your mood. Exercise can also help build your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem, especially if your exercise routine is helping you lose weight and look better. Regular exercise is also good for helping you relax and cope with daily stress.

Group Environment

Exercising in a group environment may be either an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your taste. Many individuals feel uncomfortable exercising in front of other people. Participating in a group fitness activity such as zumba, however, can help you become more sociable and could help you meet new people who share many of your interests.

Difficult to Learn

If you are not an avid dancer or are not well coordinated, you may find that the moves in zumba are too complicated to learn. The fast-paced Latin dance rhythms may be difficult for you to keep up with. Older participants and class members not in good physical shape may especially find that the high-impact aerobic activity incorporated into zumba is too much to handle.

Availability of Classes

While many fitness centers offer zumba classes, if you do not live in a large city, it may be difficult for you to find these classes locally. Sometimes classes are offered at a time of day that does not coincide with your schedule, especially if you perform multiple shift work. Most gyms require that you are a member before you can attend zumba classes 1. For these reasons, many people opt to not take part in zumba classes 1.