Primary vs. Secondary Aging

There are two types of aging: primary and secondary 123. There is not much you can do to avoid primary aging but you have control over secondary aging 23.

Primary aging

Primary aging is the gradual and inevitable process of body deterioration that takes place throughout life 23. Primary aging is genetic 123. It is the preprogrammed coding that our bodies follow.

Secondary aging

Secondary aging results from disease, lack of physical activity and unhealthy activities (smoking and drinking), poor nutrition and exposure to hazardous materials 2.

Delaying effects

You can delay the effects of secondary aging by leading a moderate lifestyle with minimal bad habits.

Your Brain

The brain is affected by age. The speed at which your brain processes information diminishes as you get older, but your ability to learn and stay smart doesn’t decrease.

Trophic factors

As you grow older, the body produces fewer trophic (hormomal) substances, such as estrogen and testosterone. The result is thinning and graying hair, wrinkled skin, a decline in height and loss of bone mass and muscle fiber. You also experience a decline in vision, sense of smell, touch and taste. The immune system also becomes less effective. The good news is that your ability to interpret information, understand and reflect increases with age.