How to Prepare for OC Spray

OC spray, or Oleoresin Capsicum, is commonly used by law enforcement officers to deter attackers. This solution, which is made from the oil in chili peppers, comes in spray, steam, gel, mist and foam forms. Law enforcement officials often have to complete OC training by having to experience an OC spray themselves. OC spray can cause pain, burning and redness of the eyes and neurological inflammation 1.

Prepare to remain calm. Most asthma attacks are brought on by anxiety, so prepare yourself to remain calm after you are sprayed. Know that there will be pain, but that it is only temporary. Keeping calm will help you not to inadvertently spread the spray around your body 1.

Remove your contact lenses before your exposure if you wear contacts. Removing the contacts after exposure will only spread the solution and cause your eyes to burn.

Bring an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug such as Advil or Aleve to your OC training. Take a dose of this immediately following your exposure to minimize the swelling.

Bring some dish soap for use after you have been sprayed to wash the residue from your face. Since the spray is oil based, use an oil fighting dish soap, such as Dawn, to wash your face immediately after you have been sprayed.


Avoid using home remedies such as milk or aloe, as these can sometimes only spread the solution around your face.