How to Prevent Pain and Fatigue from Walking on Concrete Floors

Constant repetitive walking or standing on concrete floors can cause cumulative pain and fatigue. The shock of every step is transfered from the foot, up to the knees, into the hip and back. Here's how to end the pain and fatigue.

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Measure the area you walk or stand most in. This will be the area you furnish with an ergonomic mat. If you routinely walk a path from one location to another, measure that area also. This is the area most responsible for your fatigue and back pain.


Purchase an ergonomic mat that is at least large enough or long enough to cover the area you use most. It is extremely expensive to cover every area you MIGHT step in, but highly affordable and effective to cover the areas of highest traffic. Make sure to purchase at least enough for this area, or a bit more.


Most ergonomic mats are easily installed. Simply roll the mat out in the high-traffic area. Cut off any excess matting to fit the area. This can be done easily with a razor blade. Your mat does not require any adhesive or modification to your work area. Once it is resting in place, you ergonomic mat is designed to remain positioned on its own.


The innersoles you have probably already purchased to relieve your nightly fatigue and back pain may not be effective on their own. However, they will continue to provide some cushion protection as you step off your ergonomic mat. If you haven't purchased innersoles, you should. They aren't enough on their own to combat constant exposure to concrete flooring, but they will help minimize trauma when you are forced to leave your ergonomic work space.