How to Get Paid for Donating Plasma in Jacksonville, Florida

By Tiffany Raiford

Donating plasma not only helps people, it can save lives. Doctors and hospitals use plasma, which cannot be made in a laboratory, for therapies that help people with conditions such as hemophilia or severe burns. Those patients need plasma, which is the liquid portion of blood, because the antibodies in it help increase their quality of life.

Contact a Jacksonville plasma donation center to inquire about donating. You must meet all eligibility requirements, which include – but are not limited to – your age, weight and body piercings and tattoos. Donors must be 18 to 64 years old, weigh no less than 110 pounds and have not received a piercing or tattoo during the past 12 months.

Go to the donation center and complete a donor application. You must provide proof of your identity. While at the donation center, you will undergo a physical exam and blood work, and you must provide your full medical history.

Donate your plasma. You can donate on the same day you undergo your physical, even though your blood work results will not be available immediately. Your plasma is stored and discarded if the blood work shows you have any diseases or illnesses that make it unusable. During donation, you are hooked to a machine that separates your plasma from your blood, returning the blood to your body and keeping the plasma portion. Bring a book or music; the first donation takes roughly one to two hours.

Go to the front desk once your donation is complete to collect your compensation. The amount you will receive for your time is determined by the plasma donation center you opt to use. You will receive compensation each time you donate; you may donate twice a week with at least 48 hours between donations.

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