Natural Home Remedies for Cuticle Repair

Cracked and ragged cuticles aren’t just unsightly -- they are unhealthy. Damaged cuticles can allow bacteria, fungus and dirt to get under your skin, leading to infection. If your cuticles need a little TLC, deep moisturizers will soothe and heal them. Try natural home remedies before you spend money on expensive store-bought products.

Mild Damage Moisturizer

Coconut oil is a good moisturizer for dry cuticles, and it helps strengthen the cuticle tissue. To apply a coconut oil treatment, rub a pea-sized amount generously over each of your cuticles. Insert your hands into plastic gloves and let the oil sink in for five to 10 minutes before removing the gloves.

Severe Damage Soother

Severe cuticle damage needs a restorative treatment that heals as it moisturizes. Mix equal parts raw honey and olive oil in a bowl. Add the same amount of aloe vera juice to help heal any cracks or splits in the skin. Mix the solution well and apply it liberally to your cuticles. Continue massaging for five minutes to work the ingredients into your skin. Repeat the treatment up to three times per week until your cuticles are healthy.