How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping?

By William McCoy

You might head to the gym to burn off calories and improve your physical and emotion well-being; however, even if you're inactive, your body never stops burning calories as a result of normal bodily functions. During sleep, when you're about as far from exercise as possible, you're experiencing a caloric burn, albeit a minor one. Even though you'll burn a few hundred calories during sleep, don't consider this pastime a form of exercise.

Say "Good Night" to Calories

Your body weight is a chief factor in determining how quickly you burn calories during every activity, including while you sleep. A person who weighs 125 pounds burns just 19 calories during half an hour of sleeping, but a heavier person of 185 pounds burns 28 calories during the same span. An average-length sleep is typically enough to burn a few hundred calories; in 8 hours, the 125-pound person would burn around 300 calories, while the 185-pound person would burn around 450 calories.

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