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How to Make a Woman Orgasm

By Jennifer Zimmerman ; Updated July 27, 2017

Communication is the key to making a woman orgasm, since a woman's orgasm is considered more complex than a man's. Usually, however, it has more to do with emotion and comfort level than physical difficulty. Here are some ways to make a woman orgasm and have a great sex life.

General Suggestions

Care about what your partner likes. Don't think about what you've read or what your last partner liked.

Communicate with your partner. Hopefully, you are both comfortable talking about your likes and dislikes. As you touch her, ask her what she likes best.

Be gentle, at least at first. Generally, men appreciate rougher handling than women do. Whether you're extremely excited or imagining what would feel best to you, take it down a few notches. Start off very gently and allow your partner to warm up.

Pay attention to non-verbal signals. Notice the pace of her breathing, the noises she makes and the way she's moving. These are all ways that she can let you know what she likes and doesn't like without saying a word.

Take your time. In most cases, a woman will take longer to orgasm than a man. This means you might want to go first and then satisfy your partner, or use methods to prolong your own orgasm.


Suppose a woman tells you that she can't have an orgasm, or that she's never had one with another person, what do you do? You take that as a challenge.

Try using a vibrator together. Encourage her to use it on herself so that you can observe what she likes best.

Explore her anatomy together. Many women who have a hard time achieving an orgasm aren't very familiar with their bodies. Find the clitoris and the G-spot together (see Resources below).

Try role-playing. A woman who feels uncomfortable sexually may open up when she's pretending to be someone else.

Build your trust level. The more comfortable a woman feels with you, the more likely she is to have an orgasm.


Don't forget to let her know how attractive she is to you. By making her feel sexy you will make her more open to having an orgasm.


You may try all of these tactics and still find that your partner can't have orgasm. In that case, encourage her to talk to her doctor about it.

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