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How Long Does a Shingles Rash Last?

A bright red rash of shingles is probably the best-known marker of shingles--other than the shooting pain it can make you feel 2. A shingles rash isn't forever, and taking good care of your skin while the rash is present can make you feel better and possibly reduce the risk of scarring 2.

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Shingles is a viral infection that happens when the chicken pox virus, which can lie dormant in the body for years, reactivates 2.

Early Stages

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The early symptoms of shingles include headaches, light sensitivity and flu-like aches 2. You may also feel itching, tingling, burning or shooting pain in an area of the body.


After a few days of the above symptoms, a red rash appears where there was itching or tingling, usually on one side of the body. Blisters can form and crust over, although not everyone with shingles develops such a severe rash 2.


Early Stages of Shingles

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A shingles rash can last anywhere from 1 to 14 days, although the blisters can take longer to heal 2.


Shingles can't be cured, but antiviral medications and steroids can shorten its duration 2. Pain relievers, anti-itch creams, compresses and cool baths can ease rash itching and pain.