Your libido is your sex drive and your interest in having sex. Even with a low libido, you are still able to achieve arousal and orgasm. You may find that as your weight changes your libido may as well. Your new weight loss may help you to feel more attractive and excited about sex. Your weight loss also may also cause a decrease in libido. This is particularly the case if the weight loss is not based on a healthy diet.

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Men -- Your Libido

With aging, you may find a decrease in libido, but that should not mean zero sex drive 1. Your libido can be affected by other things going on in your life or with your body. This could be a natural decrease in hormone levels, mental health issues or change in diet. Decrease in libido should not be confused with other sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction disorder.

Women -- Your Libido

As a woman you may experience changes in your libido based not only on age but also various stages in hormone changes such as during pregnancy, menopause or even while breastfeeding. Sometimes a decreased libido can be addressed through basic lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and communication with your partner. Other times changes in libido could represent a response to sexual trauma, mental health issues or a low testosterone level.


Loss of libido and weight loss is often a sign of depression. Though weight loss is often considered a positive change or goal, there are other times when it may not be a sign of a healthy change such as when experiencing a depressive episode. If you are depressed and also hope to lose weight, exercise can address both issues by the release of endorphins. Sex also helps release endorphins which can lift your mood.

Prescription Treatment of Depression

Prescription treatment for depression can cause a decrease in libido and weight loss. This does not mean you should abruptly cease your prescribed treatment for depression. Talk to your prescribing physician about alternatives. Scheduling sexual activity prior to taking your daily medication may help. Some options may include taking a break from your meds, switching to one that counters your decreased libido, engaging in talk therapy or adding a drug that increases libido.

Weight Loss without Decreased Libido

Don’t let the threat of decreased libido discourage your weight loss goals. Weight loss does not automatically cause a decreased libido. Choose a weight loss program that balances moderate exercise, healthy eating and time to spend with your partner. Avoid yo-yo dieting. Not only will your weight-loss efforts fail you, but yo-yo dieting can affect your hormones, mood and libido.