Left Side Abdominal Pain & Leg Pain

Left side abdominal pain and leg pain can have many different causes 12. If you have persistent abdominal and leg pain, it may be necessary to consult a physician to obtain a correct diagnosis and treatment plan 2.

Is This an Emergency?

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Acute or chronic pancreatitis is a condition that is caused by the inflammation of the pancreas. This condition may occur from excessive alcohol consumption or in people that have a history of gallstones. Pancreatitis can cause pain in the abdomen, that radiates to the back and possibly the leg.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can often cause a significant amount of left side abdominal pain, that may radiate into the leg 12. The pain is present until the kidney stone is passed. Other kidney conditions that may also cause severe abdominal pain are kidney inflammation from a tumor or cyst (Glomerulonephritis), and an infection of the kidney (Pyelonephritis) 2.


Shingles (herpes zoster virus) is a skin condition that can cause skin lesions on any area of the body. These lesions are extremely painful and usually occur on one side of the body.

Muscle Strain

A strained muscle in the abdominal wall may cause pain on the left side, which can radiate into the leg 12. A strained muscle can occur from a sporting activity, intense exercise or an accident.


Many people that become constipated experience abdominal cramping, as well as pain that radiates down the front of the thigh 2. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in fiber, or using a fiber supplement, may help ease the pain from constipation.