Leather Furniture & Lice

Lice are small parasites that feed on blood. Lice live on hairy parts of the body, mostly on the scalp. Lice may fall from the body and live around your house on your furniture. All furniture, including leather, should be properly cleaned 1.


Wipe off all leather furniture with a warm, moist cloth 1. Pull back leather cushions and wipe out the cracks and hidden areas of the furniture 1.


If you wipe off your furniture before all family members are treated, a louse could exist and find its way back to a person's scalp. Repeat wiping down your leather furniture daily, until your family is free of lice 1.


No chemicals are needed to properly clean your leather furniture 1. Warm water works fine. Never use dish soap, alcohol, Windex or other chemicals not made specifically for leather on your furniture 1. This could cause discoloration or other damage.

Clean The Area

Move your leather furniture and vacuum or mop the area beneath it 1. Wipe off nearby walls and tables. Properly clean other nearby furniture.

Other Leather

Properly wipe off other leather, such as auto seats and leather jackets. Again, do not use chemicals not created specifically for leather.