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Laxative Tea to Lose Weight

Fad diets are notorious for destroying a person’s self esteem, as well as their healthy well-being. Tea is nothing new on the market in terms of health and as a satisfying drink. Laxative teas can be found in just about every super market or online store. Several companies combine herbs and stimulants to create a bowel-affecting remedy in hot or cold liquid form.


Long before medical professionals introduced laxatives such as Exlax, people had to use natural herbs and stimulants to relax the colon and improve digestive discomfort. Senna leaves have been used for decades as a cleansing agent in detox programs, according to the Seek Wellness website. Senna is a vital ingredient in laxative teas for its anti-inflammatory and purgative properties. Herbal laxative teas have also been linked to lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol in the body. In addition to cleansing the colon of built-up impurities, herbal teas have also contributed to weight loss efforts.

The Facts

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Laxatives are a combination of stimulants and herbs intended to promote bowel movements and relieve constipation. Moreover, when these ingredients are structured into a tea bag and ingested either under medical supervision or as needed, excess fecal matter is eliminated, leading to a slight decrease in body weight. Temporary weight loss, with amounts averaging five to 10 pounds, has been documented; however, when used frequently over an extended period of time, results diminish to minimal or no effect.


The ingredients commonly found in laxative teas include aloe, rhubarb root, buckthorn, cascara, licorice root, bitter fennel fruit, sweet orange peel, and castor oil. The potency of each ingredient will greatly influence how the body will respond, and what can be safely digested without severe side effects. Laxative teas can be made with as few as five herbal stimulants -- with a distinct bitter flavor -- or as many as 20. Some organic types are incorporating more palatable and appealing herbs such as mint and ginger into their recipes. Always talk to a doctor before using herbs to treat constipation or any other condition.


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Laxative teas work as diuretics in short term body water loss; an imitation of body weight loss. Losing too much water in the body can lead to dehydration. Pregnant women, people suffering with the eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia, or who have recently been sick or hospitalized are advised not to use such laxative teas, which can compromise their current well-being.


There are several dangers of using laxatives in general. Although laxative tea is considered beneficial in facilitating a healthy colon, if there is a lack of medical supervision or an excessive consumption of the laxative tea, severe gastrointestinal problems have been reported. Abusing laxatives can lead to painful diarrhea, cramping, nausea and vomiting. The colon can also become dependent upon use of the laxative tea, which leads to frequent bouts of painful constipation and episodes of diarrhea.