How to Take Kre Alkalyn

    Kre Alkalyn is a supplement that has revolutionized the bodybuilding world. It has become extremely popular because it is more potent than creatine monohydrate, and also because it doesn't cause as much water retention. Basically, the increased alkalinity of the Kre Alkalyn slows the conversion of the creatine to creatinine, increasing the amount of useful creatine that reaches muscle tissue. Another benefit is that the loading phase is no longer necessary with Kre-Alkalyn, allowing for an immediate start to muscle gains.

  1. Plan your cycle for taking the supplement; it should last 16 weeks. with 12 weeks on followed by four weeks off.

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  3. Take one serving of Kre Alkalyn when you wake up on the days you work out, followed by another serving after your workout.

  4. Take one serving of Kre Alkalyn on your days off; it will be most effective if taken in the morning, shortly after you wake up.

  5. Cycle off Kre Alkalyn after 12 weeks and take a four-week break 1. Feel free to begin another regimen after this time period has elapsed.