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Knee Straightening Exercises

By Carolyn Lawrence

Keeping the knee in proper alignment can mean a healthy knee, but most people are unaware of the proper exercises to do to ensure that the knee is not only healthy and aligned but also strong and stable. There are many exercises available for individuals to incorporate into their daily routines to ensure a straight, properly aligned and healthy knee. A healthy knee can mean the difference between keeping the knee you were given and knee replacement surgery.


Squats are a great way to straighten the knee by strengthening the muscles which hold the knee joint in place. If the knee is stabilized by strong quadriceps and hamstrings, the joint will be less likely to wobble out of place. It is this wobbling and instability that can cause injury to the knee and throw it out of alignment.

Adding squats to your daily routine is simple, but there are plenty of modifications you can do to increase muscle strength. By adding resistance bands to the exercise, you can intensify the exercise, thereby making your upper leg muscles stronger. The stronger the upper leg muscles are, the more stable the knee joint will be.


Lunges engage every muscle within the leg, so it is a fabulous way not only to tone up your legs but also to strengthen them. Lunges also work on the hip and lower leg muscles, which can help keep the knee straight. With strong ankle and hip joint muscles, the knee joint is likely to be pulled out of proper alignment. If these muscles are not strong, it is possible that the ankle or hip could pull on the knee joint, causing it to fall out of line and become crooked. This improper alignment can also cause the thigh bone to rub on the knee cap, causing what is known as runner's knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome. Lunges can help avoid that by engaging every muscle in one exercise and creating a strong platform from which all the joints in the leg can function properly.


Including hamstring stretches can ensure that your knee will be strong and straight for years to come. Including exercises like straight leg raises or hamstring curls can also help create a strong platform off which the knee joint can function properly. However, stretching is essential to muscle and joint health. This will keep your legs flexible and mobile, which alleviates any undue pressure or strain on the joints. There are many stretches you can do to warm up and cool down your muscles once you have worked them out. Stretching is very important to muscle and joint health, so be sure to include them in your routines. This will help you keep a strong, healthy and straight knee for life.

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