Knee Problems That Cause Lower Leg Pain

Knee problems rarely affect only the knee. There are three categories of knee problems that can cause lower leg pain: sudden acute injuries, overuse injuries and chronic diseases. If you experience chronic or sudden leg or knee joint pain, consult your physician for treatment.

Sudden Acute Injuries

Sudden acute injuries include sprains, strains and ligament tears; tears or swelling of the meniscus as well as dislocations and fractures are also in this category. Acute injuries of the knee commonly affect lower leg muscles and cause pain in the lower leg.

Overuse Injuries

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Overuse injuries of the knee are caused by repetitive use, such as stair climbing, jogging or jumping. As the ankle joint and muscles between knee and ankle are used in repetitive motion these areas will often be injured and cause lower leg pain.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions that may cause knee pain include osteoarthritis, Osgood-Schlatter disease and some skin infections. Pain in the knee may cause you to change your gait and strain lower leg muscles and ankle joint, causing pain in the lower leg.


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Treatment for knee pain and lower leg pain may include basic first aid, bracing, prescription medicine, physical therapy and surgery. Knee pain is a broad indicator of a number of problems, so consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment and be sure to note if the lower leg pain came before or after any problems with your knee.

Fun Fact

Most sports injuries occur during practice, not during games.