How to Kill Bedbugs With a Blow Dryer

iHemera Technologies/ Images

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that live in places, such as beds and couches, with easy access to hosts. Although they do not pose the threat of disease to humans, bedbugs leave aggravating, itchy welts on the body of the host where they feed on blood. Bedbugs are hitchhikers; they hide in suitcases, bags, clothes and even sometimes hitch a ride on humans, leading to infestations in new places. There are pesticides available in stores to get rid of bedbugs, but killing bedbugs with a hair dryer-- though time-consuming-- is a safer, cost-efficient alternative.

Set the hair dryer to the highest heat setting. Bed bugs cannot survive at a temperature greater than 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn the dryer on.

Begin directing the hot air over target areas for bedbugs. Pay extra attention to mattress seams and other crevices where bedbugs might lay their eggs.

Continue heating the areas for approximately 60 minutes to be certain all bedbugs have died.

Vacuum the heated areas to remove all traces of bedbugs. Be sure to clean your vacuum filter afterwards, to prevent any surviving bugs or eggs from escaping.