How to Keep the Itch of a Scab Away

Scabs are a necessary part of our body’s natural healing process. Unfortunately, while they serve a critical purpose, scabs can be irritatingly itchy. Even worse, when we engage in the natural reaction to itching (scratching), we most often end up making our situation worse or at least prolonging the healing process. However, there are a few very simple remedies for the itch of scabs that can not only reduce the irritation but also promote a healthy healing process and reduce scarring.

How to keep the itch of a scab away

Massage cocoa butter lotion into the area around the site of the scab 1. This will help reduce itching associated with the tension on the surface of the skin caused by the shrinking of the scab as it heals the wound.

Massage 100 percent pure aloe vera gel over the scabbed wound and into the area around the scab to reduce itching associated with the drying out of the scab and the inflammation of the surrounding skin.

Apply an antibiotic gel or cream to the wound area to promote healing and reduce itching associated with the infection of a wound.

Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide over the closed wound periodically to keep the wound area clean and reduce itching caused by the presence of foreign particles in and around the area of the scab.


When selecting an antibiotic cream or gel, there are several brands on the market that offer products that include topical anesthetics or anti-inflammatory components. Any of these products could significantly reduce itching.


Exercise care when applying treatment to a scabbed wound. The scab serves as a natural bandage that helps prevent infection and promote healing; try not to damage or remove the scab if possible.