How to Improve Globulin Count

Globulin and albumin are two of the main proteins found in blood 23. Globulins act as carriers in the blood stream and help the body fight infections. A low globulin count can indicate a number of health issues including malnutrition, congenital immune deficiency, and kidney and liver dysfunction.


Globulin can be found in enzymes, antibodies and more than 500 other proteins in the body. There are four major types of globulin, determined by its charge and size. The groups include gamma globulins, beta globulins, alpha-2 globulins and alpha-1 globulins.


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The normal range of globulin level is 2 to 3.5 g/dL. In some cases of low globulin count, underlying causes have to be treated first before trying to raise globulin count. For example, if the cause is nephrosis, where proteins from the blood leak into the urine, it is essential to treat the condition before raising globulin count.


One of the ways to improve globulin level is to consume high protein foods rich in globulin such as:

  • soy
  • hemp seeds
  • green leafy vegetables
  • whole grains
  • eggs
  • seafood
  • red meat

Supplements and Medication

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Depending on the clinical report of your blood profile, your doctor may prescribe globulin supplements and medication to raise globulin count to its normal range.