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How to Identify TEC Pills

Pills imprinted with TEC can be difficult to properly identify. According to searches on and, TEC is most likely the imprint from a generic drug producer in Canada called Ratiopharm. There is a very likely chance that they are Oxycodone or Oxycodone combined with acetaminophen to form Percocet. Percocet is a less potent painkiller than Oxycodone and is normally prescribed for mild pain. Oxycodone is a common, but very potent painkiller that is often used for recreational purposes, particularly by teens. If you discover these pills in the possession of a teen or family member or find them left behind in a medicine cabinet, there a few steps that you can take to identify them.

The best place to go first is the Internet. has a pill identifier section that can assist in finding images of pills. Check . You can search by imprint, color, shape, manufacturer and commonly searched imprints.

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If the pill identifier doesn't help, head to the forums 1. There's a section titled "Pill identification." Go to Register and post a question and someone will hopefully help 1. You can also search through older posts and see if someone else has already asked about your particular pill.

A pharmacist or doctor will be able to identify most pills, so you can check with your local pharmacy or family doctor.

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You can also check with the local police department. Most police have experience confiscating prescription pills from individuals and have charts that supply the identity of each pill. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency website has a drug chart available for anyone to see:

You can also contact Ratiopharm directly through their website and ask for a possible identification. Go to


If you discovered these pills in the possession of a teenager, it is best to discuss the risks of prescription drug abuse and possible treatment options. Medline Plus supplies a lot of great information at