How to Identify Symptoms of Pancreas Problems

By Ann Smith ; Updated July 27, 2017

Many conditions can occur in the pancreas. These include diabetes mellitus, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, and tumors in the pancreas. Conditions of the pancreas are treatable and the outcome is usually good. A fast diagnosis is key. Here is how to know the symptoms.

How to Identify Symptoms of Pancreas Problems

Report any severe pain to your doctor. With pancreatitis, the pain generally occurs in the upper abdomen. Your doctor will probably ask you to rate the pain you are experiencing.

See you doctor is you experience any vomiting or fever. These are both signs of a condition of the pancreas and should always be discussed with your health care professional.

Tell your doctor is your stomach feels tender. A lot of times a simple touch on the stomach will cause discomfort for the sufferer. Your doctor will know what areas of your stomach should be checked.

Discuss with your doctor any general feelings of sickness. Feeling ill can have an absolute multitude of causes and can easily be dismissed. Be persistent if you have to.

Ask to be tested if you feel it necessary. No one knows your body like you do. Do not let your symptoms be dismissed. An ultrasound or abdominal CT can detect any problems with the pancreas.


Many people have been sent home by doctors undiagnosed because the symptoms are simple. Tell your doctor everything you are experiencing. If your symptoms are taken lightly, get a second opinion.

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