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What Does HPV in the Mouth Look Like?

By Jennifer Eblin ; Updated July 27, 2017

The Human Pappiloma Virus or HPV is a type of sexually transmitted disease. This disease affects the genitals in most patients, but it can also present in the mouth. Any form of mouth contact can cause the disease and there are some symptoms of how it looks in the mouth.


Mouth HPV usually presents initially by red spots or redness in the mouth and throat. This redness may itch, but it doesn't always cause itchiness.


Red or pink spots in the mouth is another sign of HPV. These spots are small, raised lumps that may feel painful to the touch or when the person is eating.

Small Warts

HPV also presents as small warts in the mouth. These warts are usually white or gray in appearance and may look slightly lumpy.

Larger Warts

When the HPV worsens, larger warts form and the smaller warts begin clumping together to form large masses. These wart groups can even spread to the outside of the mouth and onto the face.


Not all patients with HPV in the mouth present the same way. Some may notice small bumps that have no pain or yellow colored warts along their lips. Any abnormalities should be reported to a doctor.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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